Drew Barrymore

What is less than Drew Barrymore? Beautiful, sexy, and famous. But the star of 'Charlie's Angels' is human too, sometimes he felt satisfied with the situation.

Drew is in love with life as a famous star. He also
enjoy time together with his fellow celebrities. But Drew also wanted to have time alone and become a 'human being'.

"Sometimes I want to remove the 'mask of diamonds' (poplaritas). I want to be like the others, went into the streets and free," like that vent Drew
quoted by the BBC, on Friday (25/09/2009).

But how it could. If out alone, Drew will be directly invaded
fans. Rather than not, sometimes she feels uncomfortable. he hoped to wear face masks with others to conceal his identity. As Halloween.

"I'm upset every come Halloween only comes once a year," he added.

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